Sunday, June 15, 2008

quick update

In London again. Should be a quick trip and it's been fairly eventful already. Some interesting people met and some interesting places visited. Nothing like combining the love of good locations, good company and work at one go.

The Victoria and Albert Museum had much to offer and I even got to see a couple of Turners..

The London Eye was slow but breathaking (despite the damn dampy weather). Needless to say the sun came out the moment we got off.

Lots more coming up in the coming days including Waddesdon Manor and a bunch of crazyness with meetings, YTI and a heck of a lot more.

This time around I'm near Tottenham court road which is a lot more exciting than St. Johns Wood (which was utterly sleepy) so more to see and feel in terms of the hustle/bustle of London.

Can't get Panic at the Disco's song 'I write sins not tragedies' out of my head right now..

Haven't you people ever heard of
closing the god damned door?

still here

it's half past 2.
and i'm still here

we're all wide awake
here though
it's stupendously late

it's half past 2
and i'm still here.

is this madness?
or a sickness?
or a hidden affiliation
for masochistic tendencies?

it's half past 2
and i'm still here.

beyond the call of duty.
What does one do
when the call comes
from nowhere
and everywhere
all together
all together now.

It's half past 2
and i'm still here

What'll make it all worth it?
One answer
I'm willing to pay for.

What the hell

It's half past 2
and I'm still here.