Friday, March 28, 2008

the worst OS..ever!

I had to upgrade my laptop. I had to be a moron and embrace evolution and new software and that shiny new interface they boasted of...

And what did I get?

The Vista. Windows VISTA.

The most unbelievably SHITTY and F!@#$ed up Operating system in the history of this planet. This makes windows 3.1 seem like a time when Eutopia had visited us with a lifetime supply of strawberries and cream. As Roast beef once said, talk about an OS that basically has AIDS. No usability, none of the user-friendly features of the 38490328493289234 versions before this, no easy access to any programs, slower then a snail on manala cream (that's deadly potent marijuana for the unitiated) and weaker at the joints then Samuel L Jackson in unbreakable.

Screw you microsoft. You've proved your point alright? Shitty products sell. They sell like hot cakes. Just remember that when you find yourself in hell, the program they're going to be using to manage your utter damnation will be Windows Vista.

This blog turned 3 years old this month btw :)..something to smile about!! :) Happy bday my beauty. Everyone loves you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

quite a holi!

It had been a few years for both me and T. For me because of an exit from the country/city of true holi revellers over a few years and for T, a clear lack of interest with the festival of color and the accompanying irritants ;)

I continue to be a 'bad influence' on her though! A brilliantly fun day with bhaang, beers, good friends, jives, a swiss gangster that showed a few indians how to get with it and lots of chilling.

The pictures try hard to capture some of the scenes...guess you had to be there!

The evening was andhra bhavan (recounting when trent sweat off half of his body weight trying to handle a chicken fry) followed by a killer game of charades at Tan's with a battle of the genders. I won' say who won 'cos there was a clear lack of integrity over the course of the game and noone believed me when I said "Kamikaze 4: The story of the suicide bomber of Jalapeno" was indeed a cult classic.

You guys have seen it right?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

delhi skies

Your anger
your cold shoulder
when you rain down
you show me
pain ain't no quitter

As I look to you
to shelter my dreams
I sense the wind
through the trees
not unlike those down below
you too
are a reluctant hero.

You wear the speckled starlight
as your disguise
i know you're seeking
what we're trying to hide
it's your reprise
no surprise..

dont you see through my lies
my tearful goodbyes
i can hide from it all
but not you
my all knowing skies..
my Delhi skies...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

reunions rule

They well and truly do. the Swiss maestros continue to grace us with their presence- this time it being Cileia and Michel; the former being coerced into visiting the country post her Pakistani sojourn and the latter coming into study first hand the BOP concept with a dutch multinational.

Phenomenal fun to say the least. Van Chitgough did his best to combine cultural exposure with pure chilling in a night that once again made me realize just how lucky one has been to be exposed to multiple worlds across multiple geography. Needless to say, the little jewel in the heart of western europe is undoubtedly my most loved...I will return soon, just as I promised! And in the meantime, I cherish every chance to reconnect with friends like these...

Dimpy Menon's work was even more impressive up close. When one is close to subject as I have been these last few weeks through some very minor assistance to the exhibition- one tends to get a bit more involved then usual. I arrived at the open palm in Habitat expecting to be impressed..this exceeded the expectations...Not too long before I have one of these sculptures welcoming guests at the front door. I just realize that Cileia's got the exact same pic on her blog:)..

Checked out the new F-bar last night at the Ashoka..either i'm getting old or something was majorly wrong with the janta..lots of brutishly gyrating couples and groups that somehow didnt gel well with my previous memory of F-bar when it was situated near adchini...No sign of the patent leather sofas or the pristine silver/bling set up. I predict it'll be another classic delhi nightspot; 2 months of glory followed by a continuous visit from the underbelly just as various others before it. The evening culminated with KS showing the visitors a lot more of delhi at 3 am then what they had bargained for and with me knocking a few teachers' with tan and ro after what seemed like a VERY long time. good conversations that included reminiscing of the old and touching upon new, slightly touchy topics. A perfect saturday so to speak...

Errands to be run, prep for the return to the village underway and the absolute acceptance of the fact that the delhi summer is upon us. Whoop-do-woo :)

More on work and the ongoing brilliance in being part of a set-up soon...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

shut your eyes

the weekend was relaxing. a 3-dayer after some time in fact. Checked out the gorgeous Akshardham temple. A phenomenal structure spread across a large expanse in the east of delhi; the temple pays tribute to a host of hindu deities dating to a period approximately 2-3 centuries old. The architecture is complimented by an excellent effort from the organizers to provide educational exposure on that period (apart from blatant glorification of the indian contribution to global science, technology and general advancement:)) through film, music and an innovative boat ride carved under the ground!

I was duly impressed but still couldn't get my mind away from just how many people that complex and area could have housed. The crores and crores of indian rupees that it must have bucketed in the name of religion...stagger me. The creator admonishes my supposed over-righteousness with "Ultimately, the money that has gone into this would have gone into less useful areas; so might as well have it for a good cause like a religious structure right?" Dunno. I really don't know.

Vantadge point and Nanny diaries- Check. the frenetic pace of movie watching continues apart from relaxed evenings at home. Today marks a whole new adventure which would be greatly solitary but hopefully hugely rewarding. It is in one's own hands....

Super sunday was truly super. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing that can take away from pure unadulterated greatness. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sachin provides a size 13 sole for those struggling with the foot and mouth disease :). The boys also show the world why India is a dominant force in the face of world cricket. Very proud of young rohit sharma and heart races at the thought of a pure humdinger tomorrow when the Aussies shall surely come at us with all guns blazing.

Bring it on I say. Bring it on.

In bombay this week on work- will be there from the 6th-8th. WIll let the gang know of the reunion spot; might just be at the holiest of holies like totos or not just jazz but I'll wait till the schedule is fully decided upon.

song of the week is undoubtedly 'shut your eyes' by snow patrol btw. Just when I thought they were possibly the worst band of the last decade, they come out with quite a beauty i must say.