Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decent article on Blah in 'Campaign' - 25th March 2011

the truth

I count myself blessed. Having been a part of AIESEC, having visited the country and having made friends (albeit over a relatively ‘shorter’ duration) that I count as truly fabulous – the match on Wednesday is nothing more than 2 tremendously talented teams coming together to thrash it out for a chance to win the ‘cup that counts’. The media’s billing of this being a ‘purani dushmani’, the political drama, the animosity, the abuses, insults and insinuations are shocking and a bit embarrassing. I was far more aggressive in the Australian match because that team embodies an arrogance, disdain, childish and unsportsmanlike behaviour seen rarely in champion sides. They’ve rattled our cage and deserved to be booted out. Wednesday will be epic – but purely as a match, nothing more.