Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

mein chal mein chala mein chala

this song has just taken over my conscious..unbelievably beautiful.

Baap ke joote mujhe, chhote pade...

If this is what 'commercial backing' can do for the creative musician in our country, I'm all for it. Phenomenal. The kannada and malayalam versions are excellent as well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the marchness of march

With KWAN now in its 6 month since inception, a great deal has happened in the gloriously large and opportune market of Delhi. Initial phases of difficulty and acclimatization have made way for a certain degree of comfort and confidence in the remaining 3 quarters of '10 where I'm hoping my team and I can single handedly decimate national targets and continue to propel KWAN towards a situation where we are looked at as India's premier solutions providers in the entertainment and sports business. The way we're going, I see that vision turning to reality sooner than later. A couple of days with my colleagues from Bombay that look after the fashion and experience portfolio have reminded me once again, of the phenomenal opportunities that lie ahead.

With this madness ensuing, I've had absolutely NO time to devote to blogging, writing or penning my thoughts down for all of you. The last 180 odd days have been about re-engaging with a life once past and now truly present; brands, strategies, celebrity archetypes and 'pitches' have immersed with man-management, administration and a bunch of other stuff..

The severe lack of time has also been brought on with the busy morning schedule (that inadvertently has me wiped out by 11pm every night) - Squash and badminton have joined the competitive basketball experience leaving me with a great workout but little energy post the workday. I am incredibly blessed to be able to play so many sports at an above average level, big high-fives to parents who gift their children the basics of reading and competitive sports. You're never leaving your child lonely once you've imbibed these fundamentals to a fulfilling life.

In the end of January, with another extraordinary whim (as a bunch of my friends experienced last year), I decided to go off the 'juice' again. This time I stayed on the meats (much to Tara's delight). I found the alcoholic sacrifice remarkably difficult at points. Irrespective, 2 months have now elapsed, and as I write this - I greatly look forward to knocking a few (many) drinks with my home boy GK. In the telly in front of me, The Rajasthan Royals are giving CSK a decent drubbing and look like putting up a decent score. The IPL is unique. Despite the naysayers and question marks on the consumer experience due to brand overkill and viewiing dilution, one has to marvel at the ability of the country to come to a standstill around it. Not until I saw Akhila Blah's flustered/frustrated status message lamenting on the insane length of the tournament that I realized what a pain the damn month and a half could be. Seems to get futile after a bit no? As for the injuries to players, is it not important to draw parallels to international football players who arguably play a more gruelling sport for atleast 2 teams at a time with equally enormous pressures? Mull over that.

The last couple of weeks have also been fun on the movie front. Tara and I went to see LSD on the day of release. Whilst the reviews have largely been focused on the intensity and the dark side of human nature, one cannot help but congratulate the boldness of effort by the directors, producers (big UP to Ekta Kapoor - who knew you could be a rockstar that did more than milk the urban and semi-urban middle class for its love of drama) and string of ensemble characters. I got a bit queasy with the ending of the first movie and my heart silently screamed at the brilliantly captured 'haraamipan' of the Indian male in the second. The third link was rather useless, frankly because I felt disconnected to the story. All in all, I'd say the barriers of Indian cinema have been pushed once again and as Karan Johar remarked in a recent Delhi times article (big UP to him too. Despite making largely crappy movies - the man certainly has the intelligence should he ever choose to use it) .. "movies like LSD prove that Indians can push the envelope, and how!" Tara hated it and wanted to walk out after the first 10 minutes. Rishabh and Chandini did walk out after exactly 8 minutes (although Rishabh told me he was enjoying it.., not sure whether to believe him or not). Niel found it intense as I thought he would and a bunch of my other friends are yet to find time amidst financial year-end and summer holiday planning to check it out :p

The other good movie of this last month was the grimy, action packed and awe-inspiring "Book of Eli". I won't say much except for the fact that Denzel delivers again. The Hughes brothers show us why they are numero uno in this genre. A post apocalyptic look at the importance of a religious scripture in the hands of a desperate human race struggling to attain supremacy of a world run by those with a iron grip of resources. Sounds disturbing familiar doesn't it? A must watch if old school movies like Mad Max (Thunderdome) turn you on. "Eli' is far superior with its cutting edge digital flavor ofcourse. Don't be surprised if you leave the hall with a burning urge to dawn the role of mankind's gunslinging saviour when the nukes are done and dusted...

Whilst I was busting my ass alongside the most awesome professionals in the country (aka my home boys and girls of KWAN), winter gave way to summer. Delhi is now officially in blast furnance mode. Only in summers like the ones we have here can the inside of a darkened room provide so much beauty. My new album of the lost prophets hums tunefully behind me and as I sing "if it wasn't for death, we'd never feel this alive" and I realize - life rules.

Over and out from the waning days of the marchness of march. I'll be back.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Making Of Aamir Khan's 'Samsung Guru' Ad

Actor Aamir Khan, director Anurag Kashyap, lyricist Gulzar and music director Amit Trivedi come together to show a heart-warming story of how mobiles can reduce distances. Catch the making of the 'Samsung Guru' mobile ad in this video.

Oh, and why is this important? KWAN manages Anurag Kashyap, one of India's most brilliant creative minds. He's also the director of what I think is the boldest and most awesome movie of the past decade - DevD.