Thursday, October 16, 2008

this month of october
cities a la champions
an oncoming chill
a dissapointment in a loved one
a feeling of age
a sense of loneliness
a midnight surge to create a quality effort

and in the end of it all, questioning repeatedly if it's worth it all?

so much, so fast, so deep. How? HOW?

haunted by a flame, riding on, living on a memory as alannah myles says it best.

trying to break away, riding on, living on a memory.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a great vacation

Ever since I stepped into college, I’ve realized that ‘living’ has become one big master plan. Yeah, it sounds extremely espionage-ish but it’s not. The life plan has been pretty much all about excelling professionally at every venture I’ve undertaken, creating the right atmosphere within which to explore creative and personal endeavours and ensure that relationships that matter, as well as relationships I’d like to build co-exist in peaceful harmony. All of these have required planning. Strenuous, mind-numbing, often painful and always time-consuming preparation. Which course to choose? Which college? Which girl? Which team to play on? Which battles to fight? Which ones to save for another day? Which friends to chase after? Which ones to let fly? Which insults need treatment like water’s off a duck’s back and which ones to ensure ample retribution from...

Lots of decisions.

2 weekends ago, I threw caution to the wind, let decisions take a life of their own and stretched out with a great gang to the rapids of rishikesh utop the holy shivpuri basin.

Beating the drudgery of pressures – we swam through the rapids, jumped off cliffs, debated on how to conquer the wall and much more. Amidst ming mang mong sessions and a pretty crazy game of kings, 2 and a half days swooped past and I was left feeling almost dejected on the possibility of going home. Believe it or not, I’ve never felt bad about going home after a vacation....this time, it was different.

An enthralling sense of freedom I’m looking forward to having again soon. Plans for the big NYE get concretized and I just can't wait anymore.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the end of a legend

Sourav Ganguly has announced he will retire after the upcoming Test series against Australia.

"This will be my last series," said Ganguly in Bangalore. "Before coming here I spoke to my team-mates and hopefully I will go out with a winning knock."

Bow down to greatness- Dada, you have and will always be the man.