Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chronicle in no particular order 12th march – same as 13th march dinner. Rest of the day was ok. 13th March – no cars for dinner besides gobi aloo ki sabzi. Ate a concoction of vegetables with dahi. Didn’t work out at home due to water issue and had to be awake to fill the buckets. Weight at the end of the day is 91.8 14th March 2013 – 8:56am (post breakfast) weight is 91.1 . Didn’t go to play as I missed the alarm! . Lost 700 grams since yesterday! I think just staying off carbs at night will be a good start and might help me shed 2-3 kgs. The tough part is going to come after where I have to start watching (atleast partially) what I eat over the course of the day. Cut down the katar-matar, breads, chocolates, sweets, cold drinks. Drink more water, eat more fruit and just generally try and keep a check on the hungry eyes concept. The eyes are more hungry than the stomach. That’s what needs controlling. LET’S DO THIS!!! 15th march : great workout in the morning. 7 games of squash + 1000 skips in total (batches of 250 – 250 before the game and then 200-200-100 after the games). Feeling great and ate well through the day. Ended up doing some serious drinking at night with 2 beers in the early evening + atleast 8 pegs of scotch. Watched what I ate and didn’t over indulge in the carbs although did eat a bunch of random snacky crap. 16th march: Woke up to not TOO bad a situation with the reading showing at 90.3. Healthy breakfast of 2 egg whites, toast, hot water with lemon and a little bit of watermelon. Feeling strong. Will play for sure today and burn some serious calories. Have friends over today so need to watch the drinking amount again. Feeling good. 16th march: Excellent work out. 7 games of squash, 500 skips before it and 55 crunches on the mat which I carried with me after. Felt a bit exhausted ‘cos of the heat but am burning some serious calories. Mega drinkage at night with Saumya + ate quite a bit of snacky nonsense etc but should be one of the last days I drink before heading to LA in the 1st week of april. If the next 2 weeks can be intensive work out + diet regimes, I should easily knock back a couple of kgs. 17th march: slight hangover. Eating oranges, a banana,and drinking hot water with lime in it. Replenishing required. Weight check pre-lunch was 90.5kgs. Did I mention that this weighing scale of mine shows 1kg more than the actual weight? So I’m down to 89.5. Will do a workout at home today for sure.